Lakeview Church of the Nazarene
Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sunrise Karate Ministry

Led by Sensei Rocky Frizzell, a black belt Karate instructor and member of Lakeview Church
Meets in Jackson County, NC on designated dates.
Training in the Shotokan school of Karate, Jiu jitsu, and Krav Mga Maleh.
Training also includes basic Bible principles and memorization.
Sunrise Karate is now meeting at their NEW LOCATION at
1262 West Main Street
Sylva, NC 28779
The 5 philosophical rules for the dojo are:
1. Seek Perfection of Character
2. Be sincere and honest
3. Endeavor to excel
4. Respect others
5. Refrain from violent behavior
Recent Karate Demonstration Videos
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Sunrise Karate is a member of the newly formed Nazarene Martial Arts Network
A recent group photo
Little Champs!
Sunrise Karate Has Three Students Earn Gold Medals in Regional Competition and Qualify for Nationals in 2013
Sunrise Karate Collects and Ships Care Packs for Soldiers Deployed Overseas
Students of all ages benefit from the instruction.
From humble beginnings, Sunrise Karate has grown steadily in every way and has relocated to improved facilities.
Progress is Rewarded
Brooklyn Frizzell (L) finished as a Bronze Medalist at the 2013 National Karate Championship in Greenville, SC.
Congratulations, Brooklyn!!!
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