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Thursday, June 17, 2021
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The following are areas of interest in which decisions have been made regarding how we go about returning to worship and other activities at the church.

[We encourage everyone to consider these suggested guidelines . . . use your discretion, but please be considerate of others who may or may not be as comfortable with the return to worship as you might be yourself.]

Greeting / Social Distancing

  • Greeters and ushers need to wear masks
  • No handshakes
  • No hugs
  • Doors will be propped open to reduce contact
  • We will have a shoe-cleaning station outside
  • Reminders of social distancing will be posted in key locations
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be in numerous locations
  • Exterior doors will be closed and sanctuary doors left open during worship.
  • We will encourage people to enter through the back doors (foyer) and exit by the emergency exit at the piano.

Which service(s) will be opened up at first? 

  • Sunday Morning Worship Only [Phase II]
  • We will dismiss services pew-by-pew or section by section to avoid crowding in the foyer.
  • Who will return?
    • Only those not “at risk” (64 and under with no underlying conditions) [Phase II]
    • Others [Phase III]
  • Seating Configurations
    • We will block off even rows on one side and odd rows on the other side of the sanctuary
    • Families (same household) allowed to sit together / others encouraged to use social distancing.
    • Hymnals and Bibles and envelopes removed from book racks 
      • A packet of envelopes will be made available for those who want or need them on an “as requested” basis.
    • We will not pass the offering plates 
      • There will instead be locations conveniently located for people to give.

Handouts / Bulletins

  • Electronic Only
  • No printed hand-outs


  • No Passing of the Plates
  • Usher(s) at the door(s) (with gloves & masks)
  • On-Line Giving encouraged 
    • (Be mindful of 3% fees associated with each on-line donation; you can choose to cover that cost when you donate.)

Sunday School [Phase III and after]

  • Social Distancing will be kept - 1/2 of normal chairs will be removed (leaving enough for each student) and spaced out as much as possible.
    • Each class will be sanitized by teachers/students after each meeting, including Tables, Chairs, Door knobs, Light switches & plates, Anything used during the class, such as markers, scissors, toys, TV/VCR/DVD & other equipment students. [Students will have a “packet” of supplies that will be theirs or things like crayons that cannot be sanitized.]
    • Students will need to keep their own personal copy of curriculum with them and take them home between weeks.
    • Some Teachers are over 65 and therefore are in the “at risk” group. 
      • Who will teach?  
        • All teachers are allowed at their own discretion.
        • If you are a Sunday School teacher, what are YOUR plans for returning / teaching?
        • Teachers not planning to return and teach, please let leaders know in advance.
      • If there are not enough teachers for every class, we may combine adult classes upstairs and children classes downstairs.
      • For those not able to meet in person, teachers please do whatever is possible to bridge the gap with contacts and distance-learning.

Drinking Fountains Will Not Be in Use

  • Small water bottles will be made available in lieu of water-fountains, if available.

The Playground will be closed until Phase III.

  • Needs to be sanitized between now and then.
  • Equipment needs to be updated, replaced or removed to avoid injuries.
  • Check for wasps!


  • Cleaning wipes available in every stall (DO NOT FLUSH SANTIZING WIPES! Trash cans will be provided for disposal of wipes.)
  • Each User will be asked, encouraged, and expected to wipe down before and after use, focusing on any touched surface, especially: Toilet seats, Door handles, Flushing handles,  Handicapped handles / rails
  • Hand-washing is REQUIRED of every person using the bathroom.

Sound/Video Techs

  • Who will be there, and when?
  • Follow the Schedule of who will be serving from week to week
  • Sanitize any touched surface at the end of service
  • Continue Recording for on-line services.

Cleaning (Volunteers needed)

    • As we go
      • High-touch areas (Wiped down with sanitizing cloth as church begins and after each service especially, Door knobs, Switch Plates, Restrooms, Pews.
    • Who will do this?  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!
    • How will they do this?  Using Clorox-type cleaning wipes, or cleaning spray and paper towels if wipes are not available
    • When will they do this?  After each use of whatever facility is being used.
  • As a minimum at least once between services


  • Counters wear gloves
  • Hand Sanitizers will be everywhere
  • Masks (bring ‘em if you have ‘em and USE ‘em at your discretion).
  • The Lower Level of the Church will be closed except for counters / administrative purposes.

Thank you for helping us to maintain the safety of every person who attends Lakeview Church!


The Church Board